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I am currently doing audio book of the Kolbrin bible.
In process I am doing small portions I am expanding on.
Recently I have come across something that could be interesting.

I try and use the geographical references to see if I can find the places.

Book 5 book of manuscripts Chapter 31 started me on the idea if the "Dneiper donets culture" but chapter 34 is what has started me to type here.

It seems a retelling of Osis, Isis, Horus and Set.

Names are slightly diffrent. But the odd thing was The lady that it seems is Isis is not a blood sister she came as a leader from North. It is her brother that is Set.

Osiris is called Oseriah, and it appears possible this is also the one that joins the two lands but was not of Egypt. So it seems he might be Narmer/menes.

He was not thought a God until afyer his death
and the child called Hori was born before his death. He was tricked and killed by the brother of Isis who took over her People. Her name is many "Neth""Esita" "Ness"

Book 5 Chapter 31 mentions they were lead by "the queen of light"

This leads me back to Book 4 "sons of Fire" chapter 13 that talks of a war then catastrophic flood
In this chapter Verse 12 mentions A high Preist and 7 followers plus 110 men and families survive.

In Book 5 chapter 34 it mentions Oseriah was instructed by God then came to Egypt with 7 others verse 28

Book 5 Chapter 31 mentions that the "motherland was thought to be "beyond Pontas" thought that could be "Punt" after the second Flood the survivors journey to Labeth in "Anteka" ... a high cliff near a plain.

So if Pontas is in same place as Punt,and from Egypt you'd have to go "beyond" that would be North. NORTH east really

This brings in

Gobekli Tepe?

book 4 talks of the sons of Fire
Origionally I thought might talk of a journey to England, because it talked of a journey and to a cold region.
Know I am wondering if the whole thing might including the man Hesikiah might have refered to the first flood. I had thought it might have referred to the Hyksos invasion of Sea people.

Anyway on my You tube site I connected a narrative of many diffrent chapters to show how they seem to be interrelated.

But I lacked the knowledge of the Dneiper-donets culture.

I also should point out that this region is to the far East not far from mount arrarat.. The place were the Ark is thought to have landed.

Some have thought the flood that grew the black sea might be that flood.

This borders on Armenia That would not be all that far from Gobekli Tepe.

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