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Barbelo Wrote:
That's a curious piece alright. What do
> you suppose caused such a granite block to crack
> like that? And I'm wondering why the other
> sections appear to be missing, but that lone
> segment remains. Also, not sure if it's an
> artifact of the photography, but the thing looks
> like it's tapered as if it's a piece of an
> obelisk.

> It's not only blocks such as that one which are
> smashed, but even the basalt paving blocks as
> well.
> It may be an obelisk but more likely a pillar.
> The reason that everything is smashed is the
> logistics of transport. Although the AEs could
> transport massive blocks in one piece, those who
> recycled them couldn't. There is only so much load
> that a camel can bear before it gets back
> problems. If you were a camel, could you carry
> that remnant block down to Cairo, or wherever?
> Same reason for smashing off only the smooth faces
> on Bent Pyramid for example.

That's an interesting hypothesis. Judging from the scale set by the white uniformed officer off to the right of the image, that granite fragment seems to weigh around 5 tons, maybe more. Several questions come to mind...

I wonder what logistics of transport was applied by people who only had camels, rope, manpower, and maybe copper chisels, but not sleds (inferred from your post), and yet managed to fracture a longer pillar of that cross-section into blocks the size of, and smaller than, that remaining fragment, (assuming that remaining large fragment was too large to transport or break down further, as you suggested)?

Assuming such a pillar (or obelisk, etc.) was broken in to smaller pieces that were transported by camels, breaking such a massive block into even smaller pieces strikes me as a more difficult task than hauling the fragments away. What do you think was the logistics of transport that could have broken a pillar of such cross-section into such small pieces that could be hauled away by camels?

And what is the current thinking regarding how those irregular fragments would have been put to use by the salvagers?

I'd also love to read the analysis that interprets this irregular piece of basalt to be a footing for a pillar (I apologize if that's not what you were suggesting in a previous post). Was it Hassan who inspired Hawass to make that assertion?

How can any of us ever know, when all we can do is think?

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