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Barbelo Wrote:
MARAGIOGLIO would disagree , although you
> may be correct in pointing out "absence" of
> Megalithic construction vis-a-vis the actual
> Megalithic blocks, Maragioglio's drawings are
> showing specific locations of what i take to be
> remnants of a previous construction, the
> repurposing of past works (blocks of stone) has
> been well documented , so its quite possible the
> Mortuary temple was completely picked clean .

> Obviously, the MT of Khufu (ATA) has been picked
> clean. But one must ask oneself, "How did they
> load those multi ton blocks onto the backs of
> camels?"
> The reason, one would assume, for the megaliths
> which still remain at the other Giza temples, is
> that they were simply too massive to remove.
> Therefore, I would have to disagree with
> Maragoglio's conclusion about megaliths. However,
> he may be correct in that the MT was a secondary
> construction.

They had GIANT CAMELS in those days lol.

Yes G1's Mortuary Temple may have been different in construction and layout, maybe granite pillars instead of massive limestone blocks, but if they got them made and put up then i guess they could be brought down and repurposed by the same method.

Here's a thought, what if the missing granite pillars found there final resting place in a place what we now call the Osiron .

From []

"Mortuary Temple

A floor made in basalt is one of the few things that remains of Kheops' Mortuary Temple.

The Mortuary Temple was entered via a doorway in the eastern wall. Sockets in the basalt pavement mark the location of megalithic granite pillars that once surrounded an open court. Beyond the open court, there was an inner sanctuary, but no trace of a false door or perhaps a statue of the king, have been found.

So who knows what happend to G1's granite pillars

Back in crazy thinking mode,

There seems to be so many mysteries involving our past history, the chronology does not seem to fit with what we find on site , its as if our past has been tampered with, if you view time , ie our history and even our future as one film strip as the past and future must surely be taking place at the same time outside linear time, then could it be possible to tamper with chronological historic events , like snipping bits out of history for whatever reason only known to the time snippers, and then splicing back together to keep as close as possible to plausible recorded events, without making it look obvious that certain events don't add up.
But this not adding scenario seems to be at play at Giza and other parts of the world, but then this not adding up is only being voiced by the so called fringers like us here , or is just me lol, and the orthodox chaps are happy to go along with the unexplained and are happy to put these mysteries down to all sorts of made up excuses , like pounding stones , the list is too long.

So is our past set in stone, (pun not intended) or were we very much more advanced than previously known hundreds of thousands of years ago , if not millions of years ago, take the UFO phenomena , are they from other planets or other dimensions , but could it be possible they are actually from our past, did we reach a much more advanced civilization than the one we are living in now and achieved time travel, or maybe its the other way round , our future selves coming back in time. Whatever it is, it may be the only way to explain the mysteries we find today.

Did out Past come and visit their Future.

Cue TYler, yea i know he has a past himself that needs scrutinising .

Time Travel ? []



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