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Barbelo Wrote:
Almost 3 years ago I suggested the
> opposite sequence of G3 > G2 > G1 on the basis of
> the physical evidence. Skip to the end of this
> post for that comment.

> I did as you suggested and read through the OP,
> your comments and the lively discussion which
> followed. Please keep in mind that this thread is
> not about the order of construction of the
> pyramids. That is an entirely separate discussion.
> I am proposing that there may be no
> contemporaniety between the temples and the
> pyramids.
> The temples may have existed pre pyramids and that
> their purpose was not funerary which calls into
> question the widely held belief that, a priori,
> the pyramids were constructed solely for that same
> reason. Of course, if this were the case it
> further consolidates the suggestion that the
> causeways are also pre pyramids and therefore not
> pavements for the transportation of heavy
> materials nor processional ways for the funerals
> of kings, but must have served some other
> purpose.
> The absence of any megalithic construction at G1
> surely throws some doubt over the accepted
> paradigm.

Thanks. Understood. My only point was to suggest that there are many other enigmas that also support your observation that things don't add up in the traditional Giza narrative. I totally agree that different proposals regarding the construction sequence of Mortuary Temple, Valley Temple, and causeway have different implications not only on the pyramid construction sequence but also on the original function of each of those structures. And when you further consider the Sphinx Enclosure, Wall of the Crow, Boat Pits, quarries, cemeteries, evidence of adapation and salvage, topography, etc., the traditional Dynastic funerary narrative becomes even more of a stretch.

Regarding your comment about the causeway construction sequence, I agree that if it came first it might not have been originally intended to be used as a monolith transport system. But that doesn't preclude the possibility that the causeways were eventually adapted for that purpose when the decision was made to construct the pyramids at the upper end of those causeways, just as I don't doubt that the pyramids were considered to have been adapted for a funerary purpose by the Dynastics long after the pyramids were constructed in pre-Dynastic times.

Do you have any detailed information about any structure that might have existed where we see G1's basalt patio today? We are told there was a Mortuary Temple there and that nothing remains from that structure today other than some indication of its foundation in the bedrock, but I haven't been able to locate any report which describes that foundation.

How can any of us ever know, when all we can do is think?

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