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Since my theory ( that of hiding one system inside another using to different units of length) allows all cubits between 20 inches and 20.8333r inches to fall into the range, there is no trap to fall into.

The idea is the cubit as 20.8333r inches will never fit into the window identified by Petrie's measurements it is too large if the foot of 12 inches is used.

however if the foot of 12.5 inches is used the cubit then becomes 20.8333r x 12 / 12.5 = 20

20 x 17.60 = 352.

So the variable foot in inches will produce a range of values between 352 and 366.666r, alternatively the canon can be used with the foot a constant value.

To work out solar days just multiply the cubit in inches by 17.60 so 20.75 = 365.20

365.2 /249 x 250 = 366.666r x 360 x 1000 = 132000000.

This is the system

Incidentally 22/7 x 2499/2500 = 3.1416. 3.1416 / 3.5 = 0.8976 onethousandth of the Aubrey circle circumference taht contains both the megalithic yard and the megalithic metre.

So the 25000 baseline has an effect of the value of pi being used just as jim is pointing out using 3.1418181818r fibonacci pi. All part of the same system.

Also using the canon the metre is produced using the sacred baseline analysis.

132000000 x 39.37/39.6 ( subsituting the modern metre for the ancient one). = 1574800000 imperial inches divided by 40000000 = 39.37 using the canon of ancient measure.

364.537037 solar days are represented multiply this by 10.8 to get a shock!!

Multiply 366.666r by 10.8 to get another!!

Solar days by 10.8 gives metres.

The ancient metre is 39375 / 108 = 364.5833333 a unit regularly used by Rodzzz and Magisterchessmut uses the ancient metre to great effect and has put many years of study into these systems.

I still don't believe they knew the SOL despite the evidence.

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