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My approach relies on the work of others I have not got time to do it myself and why change a winning ticket. I see Jacob's work as something reliance can be placed on because he is using Egyptian maths. Also I can follow his logic and he is using 44/7 and this is used at he UK sites as discovered by Thom.

I also think your approach and mine align based on what you have published and I have read. The systems are astro - geo - mathematical.

From the Pyramids of Ægypt accurately measured by Mr. John Greaves, I collect the length of the antient Cubit of Memphis in this manner. The side of the first Pyramid was 693 English feet. It is very probable, that at first the measure of it was determined by some round number of Ægyptian Cubits. Ibn Abd Alhokm, quoted by Mr. Greaves, tells us, that the measure of each side was an 100 Royal Cubits of the antient times. But it is probable, that the Ægyptians learn'd, from the Orgyiæ of the Greeks, their measure of four Cubits of Memphis, and gave it the name of the Royal Cubit. Thus the side of the Pyramid will be 400 <409> simple Cubits, or four Arouræ; and the Cubit of Memphis will be equal to 17321000 of the English Foot.,

This is intriguing and the canon can be applied to the values.

It does not seem like the GP is being described but nevertheless

The cubit indicated is 693/400 feet and this is 1.7325 imperial feet 20.79 inches and is instantly recognisable.

20.79 x 17.6 = 365.904 solar days x 100/99 = 369.6 solar days, 365.904 gives 24948 miles 52 less than 25000.(Thom Pi is 1632/520)

369.6 x 360 x 1000 = 25200 imperial miles.

Once the system is understood interpretation of the cubit length produces meaningful information.

What Thom and SH has taught me is that the imperial system is a chameleon.

5280/99 x 100 = 5333.333r the sacred eclipse system

5280/99 x 102 = 5440 or 2000 megalithic units the nodal cycle is 5440/4 x 5 =6800 days..

This is how they hid systems inside each other. Thom's fits into the imperial using a unit of 33/34 imperial feet and the base 100 system uses a unit of 0.99 feet.

The GP is defined by 100 inches or 8.333r imperial feet as one solar day

3023 feet is 362.76 solar days Franklin
3024 feet is 362.88 solar days Michell

1 foot is 0.12 solar days

8.333r feet is 1 solar day.

It is very simple and works as cubit in inches x 17.6 = solar days.

20 x 17.6 = 352

20.8333r x 17.6 = 366.666r
x 24/25 = 352.

Using the Roman foot changes 366.66r to 352.
This is fundamental to understanding what they were doing. The systems are three dimensional using the sekhed 14/11 which is a manifestation of the imperial system as is 44/7 and 44/3 and 10/9.

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