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wow Manu

all i can say to that is that i am glad i wrote and self published my first book based on the work of Alexander Thom.

You keep telling me what my theory is but you are quite wrong. It is not a ressurection theory it actually works and Michell ( and now Newton!!) are correct.

My ignorance of any of the stuff you talk about is recorded on the Megalithic Portal and my first book 'it's About Time' is based on an investigation of Thom's assertion that the ancients knew how to tell time from the stars and were scientists and theologians.

the book identifies 1440 x 3.666r = 5280.

i had no idea what this meant and only conclusded it supported Thom's assertion.

Now the eclipse unit is 5280 / 360 or 1760 / 120

and the Lunar eclipse year is 5280 / 15 = 352

and the Solar eclipse year is 5280 = 14.4 = 366.66r

and 14.4 /24 x 25 = 15

you say

'David, all of this is a second revival of Isaac Newton's "Sacred Cubit" of 25 inch which John Taylor picked up 200 years later to proclaim the "Pyramid Inch" in an attempt to Christianize the Great Pyramid. Piazzi-Smith got involved because his wife ate the cotton candy. And the rest is history. A great astronomer tainted the field of archaeoastronomy and that aftertaste on the palates of archeologists lingers to this day'

You are really telling me this is Sir Isaac Newton's theory? well there you go i am now proving the theory of someone quite important.It is absolutely unbelievable.

Newton, Thom, Michell, Wilkinson, Harris,the list is growing.

Not bad for a systems analyst who really is not too bothered about history, it is just one !"£$%^& thing after another.

It has got nothing to do with second revivals and Christianity!!This happened circa 4500BC in Carnac not Karnak.

It is all evidence based against 4.666r x 22/7 = 14.666r and you cannot get away from it, as much as you are wriggling on the hook.

'A Saros Cycle divided into sidereal years each 366 sidereal days long yields ~18 such periods, or ~1800 periods of 3.66 sidereal days...

...or 450 periods of 4 x 3.66 days = 14.63 days.

This is where days and feet become conflated. In other words, monumental design based on astronomy involves assigning a certain number of units of the metric to a certain number of days, the ancient measure of astronomical time. In this case, it's 4 feet per 3.66 days on a Saros cycle 6585 days long. The burden of proof is to show that this was intentional and not just in the mind of the modern researcher. '

that is all roundings and completely maeaningless

14.666r / 5280 = 0.002777r or 1/360 anvcient measuring systems.

5280 / 0.002777r = 1900800 /86400 = 22

It's about time you started to get it, it is mega accurate no roundings it is all base 11 and base 7. the imperial is base 9 x 11 not base 12 as you state.

You say 12 inches should be seen all over Egypt why?

100 inches is the unit of translation using 12 or 12.5 inches. Ask jim about 12.5 inches he knows more about it than i do. the 'Roman foot'

I am pulling enough evidence to write a book about the GP .

'A great astronomer tainted the field of archaeoastronomy' which had not yet been invented by Alexander Thom.

'A Saros Cycle, the time between two eclipses, is 6585 days long which could be divided into 90 731/6 day-long segments or 45 1461/3 day-long segments....or 450 segments each 14.63 days long. Why do I emphasize "could be". Because that is in the eye of the beholder, the It is your job to prove that this is how the ancients also put it together. Did they subdivide the cycle, if they recognized it, like that? How do you prove that?'

6585.333r or 449 x 14.666r exactly

Eclipse year exactly 365.222r days

365.25 - 365.22222r = .0277r eactly.

18 years 11 and 1/3 days on the Nasa website.

It is time to pack up and start writing.



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