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Hi Manu

thank you for taking the time to write such a comprehensive response I really appreciate it.

You say

'There are so many theories floating around, one has to make choices and invariably one makes bad choices on this convoluted path through alternative history evidence.'

Yes i agree and sorting the wheat from the chaff is very difficult. There is much wheat out there to be harvested but i don't have the time to read it all.

However one of the advantages of my approach is that I started trying to prove Thom's findings so rather than want to rubbish anyone's findings usually the opposite is the case. So if i find someone' work aligns with what is being looked for then it can be embraced, for example Hugh Franklin's work, Peter Harris work and of course Thom and now most importantly John Michell.

What is my theory?

It is that the eclipse unit of 14.666r solar days defines the numbers in the imperial system and the sacred circumference of the Earth based on 366.666r solar days. This is where the length of the foot is defined.

What is the sacred circumference?

It is 24900 miles the ancient equatorial circumference plus a sacred 100 miles making 25000 miles or 1000000 units of 1.32 imperial feet.(1000000 is the Egyptian number for a God.)

How is this circumference determined using Michell's Canon of ancient measure?

(366.666r x 360 x 1000) = 132000000 imperial feet / 5280 = 25000 imperial miles.

How does this sacred unit of 100 miles define the eclipse using Michell's canon of ancient measure?

1.4666r solar days x 360 x 1000 = 100 sacred miles.

The design of the GP base is just this but in inches with each side represented by 25 units.

I think this is what my theory is at the GP but it is not yet fully formulated because of Jacob's diagram's as i need to understand why 9801 and 9800 appear in the calculations. Whatever Jacob's theory is, it is a definite thumb's up from me.

The answer that seems to work is that they understood how to side step the irrationality of root 2 within the GP design and i have just published the calculations on this site.

n/(n-1) is not a theory really it just suggests the ancients knew how to hide systems inside each other by using different lengths and at the GP base they used 12 inches and 12.5 inches the 'Roman' foot, Actually they used 24 and 25 inches but as a 20.8333r cubit and 20 inch cubit as the same ratios.

Also the cubit as 28 units aligns to the eclipse unit as 14.666r units the key unit being 0.523809524

0.523809524 x 6 = 22/7 or 3.142857
0.523809524 x 7 = 11/3 or 3.666r
0.523809524 x 12 = 44/7 or 6.285714285
0.523809524 x 27 = 99/7 or 14.14285714 this is 10 times root two.(one half of the side step)
0.523809524 x 28 = 44/3 or 14.666r.

I will go through your points one by one but my 'theory' currently is as above.

football calls.



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