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I emailed the following to Robert Schoch and a few others... We'll see if anyone picks it up

To the Gentlemen Concerned,

It is only because of your books and publications that I was able to arrive at my conclusions.
When I did, I found myself both excited and horrified.

The measurements and symbolism associated with The Precession serve as a warning, a clock counting down.
There are indeed cataclysms on a routine schedule and I believe these cataclysms explain the lost civilizations theory (more on that later).
Thankfully we have modern science and astronomy to help us understand the mechanics.

A perfect example, and an image I would like you to hold in your mind (indeed, the key) during the upcoming paragraphs, is that of Uranus spinning on its back.

Just in the same way that a spinning top has a "wobble" like our Precession, it can fall over on its back. In the case of the top, it is because it is slowing down. We are not.
However, when we have celestial alignments that conjunct with the planet leaning way back on its Axis, we not only have prime conditions for a tip, but explanations for ALL KINDS of historical markers and myths; both geologically and anthropologically; and the reason that our ancestors were obsessed with Celestial motions….

For the sake of argument, let's say the planet is deep into a Precessional lean AWAY from the Sun, in Aquarius or Capricorn. Just imagine if Jupiter and Saturn line up BEHIND the Earth on a Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere; Or some other alignment occurs, pulling us JUST enough to go over onto our back.

Can you see it?
Can you see why the Norse said that Fenrir chased the sun over the Horizon leaving them in a long, cold darkness? How they accounted for the stars moving in strange ways?
Can you see Antarctica being pointed right at the Sun?
Doesn't Antarctica have recent evidence of tropical fauna?

Doesn't it explain the presence of an Ice Age so well? Imagine the Northern Hemisphere not only suddenly plunged into darkness but flooded as well? All of those Mammoths and other animals, seemingly ripped to shreds; spread over the ground and instantly frozen for an epoch…
Then the sudden melt and all of the sudden flood damage that Randal Carlson illustrates…

That seems like the best explanation for the legend of Atlantis as well. Didn't it "sink below the waves" according to Solon? Wouldn't it appear that it sank "below the waves" when the earth righted itself the last time (The end of the last Ice Age)

How would the oceans and lithosphere react to a tip?
I'm betting there would be massive flooding and crustal displacement. The oceans would cross the land masses, mountain would crumble, new ones springing up in other places…Vocanos erupting, huge lightening storms, an apocalypse.
And just think of what the Earth's Electromagnetic field would do: with its iron core now spinning in a contradictory direction to the Sun would cause massive atmospheric discharges…it explains all of the shock quarts with no impact sign. All of the glass…The fact that both the Norse and Greek supreme Gods were associated with Lightning.

Welcome to the rabbit hole, Gentlemen.


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