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Hi Dean

Richard Cassaro in a few net audio interviews coments on Change in the History of the Freemasons - 1840s+.
I've noticed this via study of the History of the US Military industrial complex,
Which is legacy to the Old British East India company which was Masonic.
Empire Zionism ..that is...Restoration of Israel..really took off out of Lord
Palmerston Masonic Lodge in the 1840s.
Palmerston would later savage China in Empire gunboat diplomacy during the Opium wars.

The Masonic purpose had shifted from its Ancient teacher outright Globalism with extortion by military,political etc.

Richard Cassaro saying The Mason/Free Masonic had changed is True!

Study into Freemasonic symbolism assists one in Seeing (Pun)...Their messages.

One obvious Symbol set which is a segment of the Masonic Trace board, the 2 Pillars.

These Pillars are very much the Temples/Pyramid Triptych message...Just in another form.

The pillars represent the Left /Right duality of Life/man...Sun/Moon,...Male/Female. Etc

One of my favorite movies is the 2002 version of the Time Machine.

At the movies end....Alexander Hartdegen with Sumantha Mumba and here child fade from 800,000 years in the future back to the Home of Alexander Hartdegan in the late 1899.
His friend Philby with the old lady housekeeper fade up between 2 Pillars.
(The/male female dualist message of Divine )...
Later...Philby exits the you see Philby from the inside window.
Philby stands in a street with ...yup....2 Pillars and stairs going up...behind
They showed the message again : )


The Triptych pillar message

By the way....Indiana Jones/Last Crusade has the Triptych message in the Cliff wall Temple.

The Test/entrance ...Between the 2 Lions

2 Lions is also Triptych in Asia,Mid east .


Have these 2 exact same in copper/bronze..
They are on each side of my big plasma TV.
In some inner looking into Time ...thru the portal Symbol guardians : )

T Bird

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