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I'm curious if anyone has any thoughts regarding The Golden Age Project by the late Christian and Barbara Joy O'Brien as presented by Edmund Marriage. This information seems to marry well with Graham's work and I'm wondering why it hasn't been mentioned (if it has and I just haven't seen the post then my apologies for bringing it up again). Edmund Marriage has multiple youtube presentations titled "Learning From History Part 1 thru 14". He presents a strong theory that the post-cataclysmic establishment of agriculture began in the garden of eden of which there may be evidence of its existence in Lebanon. In my opinion, the information presented seems like a rational interpretation of the Biblical 'Genesis' as the Elohim and the Seven Sages, Graham refers to in 'Magicians' may be one in the same or strongly connected. In short, the religious interpretation of God creating the Heavens and the Earth may very well be a misinterpretation of a much simpler story of the survivors of an earthly cataclysm rebuilding. While this information doesn't come as a shock to me, it certainly shines a light on something that has been a source of confusion.
I'm wondering if there are any others that have studied the O'Brien's works and can comment.

Attached is the link for convenience: []

As a side note, I have followed Graham's work, along with Bauval, Schoch, Carlson and West for over 20 years but this is only my second post to the message board...the first was paying homage to the passing of JAW. I'm here for knowledge and understanding of our true past and in no way out to intentionally offend anyone's beliefs.

Thanks for reading.

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