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To continue from where I was so rudely but predictably interrupted!

The search for unit and measure at G1 is viewed by many with a jaundiced eye prompted mainly, no doubt, by the work of Piazzi Smyth and the archaeological labelling of investigators as pyramidiots. However, the masons had to cut the stones to some tricky angles, so were presumably working from patterns and measure. But did the numbers and distances involved have any particular significance and can we be sure of what these were intended to be?

I have suggested that the layout of the Giza plateau might have mirrored the slope of G1, itself reflecting a widely-held ratio of 14:11 possibly relating to the squaring of the circle, specifically that the base perimeter divided by twice the height yields an approximation to pi as 22/7.

It is also well known that there are eight faces, that is, the sides are indented. I suggest that this indent may have been intended as 35 digits, that is, 1/176th of the half-width, which is 0.655m based on Petrie’s cubit. This would imply an 'inner square' of sides 437.5 cubits. Applying the same calculation as above produces the fraction 25/8 which is another approximation to pi. The slope at the indent would thus be 52 degrees.

The two likely other approximations to pi (19/6 and 256/81) result in sides greater than 440 cubits, and note that the calculation is easier as four times the half-width divided by the height.

If this be correct then there would be an even greater emphasis on pi at G1 than has been appreciated and it would surely be reasonable to hypothesize that the same emphasis may have been introduced into the dimensions of the plateau.

This then implies that the G1 cubit was not used throughout the works, and we should be very careful about the calculation and interpreting the significance of distances between points.

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