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Welcome on board Brandon.

May be you refer to the: Toba catastrophe theory ? (a debated theory)


The Toba supereruption was a supervolcanic eruption that occurred about 75,000 years ago at the site of
present-day Lake Toba in Sumatra, Indonesia. It is one of the Earth's largest known eruptions. The Toba
catastrophe theory holds that this event caused a global volcanic winter of six to ten years and possibly a
1,000-year-long cooling episode.

In 1993, science journalist Ann Gibbons posited that a population bottleneck occurred in human evolution
about 70,000 years ago, and she suggested that this was caused by the eruption. Biologist Michael R. Rampino
of New York University and volcanologist Stephen Self of the University of Hawaii at Manoa support her
suggestion. In 1998, the bottleneck theory was further developed by anthropologist Stanley H. Ambrose of the
University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign. Both the link and global winter theories are highly
controversial . The Toba event is the most closely studied supereruption.

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You can not solve a problem with the same kind of thinking that you used to create it.

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