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Ok here is a secret and I HOPE I don't get into to much trouble as I think it is time.

Two great measures Imperial and Metric are based on the two years great years the Lunar and solar years.

Quote 'The science of measurement' Arthur Klein p.129 "The Lunar year "The average Muslim month in the 30 year cycle is 354.366 7 divided by 12, or 29.5306 days:" and the lunar synodic or phase month, as measured by \astronomers, is the same 29.530 6 mean solar days. Truly, a good fit" The Lunar year 354.366 7 days.

Quote 'The science of measurement' Arthur Klein p.131 'mean solar year 365.242 2 days.'

Now look at our 2 systems of measurement metric and imperial.

Solar year a cycle divided by exact value for pi 365.242 2 days / pi = 116.2602031 imperial feet diameter of cycle.

Convert 116.2602031 imperial feet into metres = 35.436m a lunar year 354.36 days.

Whomever designed these measures knew this truth and kept it as a secret I think for it to be an accident is for me to far.?????

I go for the secret and now it's time.

I M Pei did this in the Paris pyramid at the Lourve/[]


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