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Really depends on what part of the world you are wanting to look at in this period.

That period of time, pre-written history, is fairly well documented in archeology.

It has it's own mysteries but the general push is relatively well known.
For instance--starting around 12000 BCE--the Natufian culture appeared in the Levant. They were early adopters of a semi-sedentary life style--Hunters and gatherers -- but they began to develop real agriculture as time passed.

Between 9500 BCE and roughly 8000 BCE you have the spread of agriculture into Anatolia and possibly the Balkans. By ~ 6500 BCE agricultural communities are firmly established in Crete, Northern Greece,Anatolia, Greece etc..

You also have the spread of Pastoralism in the Caucus, Iran Zargos, Central Asia--herding communities with limited farming

A spread of farming happens into western europe slowly over time.

Somewhere around 6000-6200 BCE--we have a major climatic event--sea level increase, and cold snap. Possibly a major flooding of the Black sea coastal areas (this is less verified) Farming falls off in the northern climates and Pastoralism becomes much more prevalent(though already strong). Significant indications that you get migrations taking place with probable serious disruptions of early civilizations, trade routes and people.

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