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Not trolling . . . Never trolling ..... Honest.

Its my opinion that many of the posters here are specialists, and some are working on long term projects, and a great number of them are published authors!
Generally I find the atmosphere conducive to thinking, and sometimes sharing of ideas.

OK, I can get a little carried away, "and" --- since you were not locked into any specific avenue of discovery, I thought I might offer "a brand new" one to you.

You brought the bait (Good find, btw, really needs a follow up.), I nibbled, I replied, and nothing commando here, just a suggestion, take it or leave it.

I do not think like most people, I do not even reason within the same data bases as most people (general sheeple) . . . because there is too much misleading info out in the world of general thought, and too many sadly bad actions. I am a synthetic ghestaltist, much hanging in little brain boxes marked undetermined. It's genetic, I think, has been a thorn for me since college.

In the last post on the page the information from the top (link = just to see the pictures) . . Down to this sentence is all a floating hypothesis. An unspecified until now, hypothesis.
At this sentence I moved back to the basis of your question.

"What need to rake the ground across a continent? . . If that is what that visual on Google Earth represents . . .
What use might the continent have for non-sheeple?"

Tellinger tells you . . . "Gold!" SITCHIN (not popular here on GHMB), said: "Gold!"

FYI . . The amount of contained WPG, or high spin gold at Serabet El Kadim was staggering!!! They had no idea what they had found!
CLEARLY, the Ancient Egyptians made it and used it! Lots of it.

You as a person Inwould not attack, your life is not any of my concern, nor business, and I certainly would not malign you. I follow the maxim "do no harm", and that includes being non-negative in all things. Please don't assume I am an attack bot.

You said:
"A recommendation for the horrid author that butchered the end of the Wheel of Time series even though it was already story-boarded for him."

I do not take jabs at anything, not even horrid renditions of artistic works which had soooo much volume they became something like the Nile Delta! (I suspect, from what has been said.)

I have not read the book, Wheel of Time . . . It is far beyond my budget. I live in my car at this tiime, and have had to use food banks, due to a sad event in the last segment of my living family. I would like to read it. Maybe someday I will find a copy in a library.

Tech: I was of the impression that you thought this might not be natural, therefor some technology might have been used.
. . .
And indeed sand dunes move, so they are not a good example.

I was coming off a (long) hypothesis of a spiritual nature about the race of the Sanxingdui peoples.

You clearly have read much by authors who delved into the spiritual more than most. This, idea about the Sanxingdui, if understood, might interest you.

Why would someone hire an author and hand them story boards? Seems counter-intuitive, non-artistic.

OK, I will now revisit earlier replies:

OK, #1, this does not seen correct to me on an intuitive level, the ages are a "non match" imvho ... so:

" I was not thinking on the correct (any?) temporal scale before I posted and it never occurred to me to consider this formation happened before the continents separated which certainly seems to be the case.

Strike out because there is no actual determination made on any of it . . . So, this seems a bit unfounded.

My gut level reaction is 'fallacy', mostly because I've not ever seen Pangea presented that way before . . . ??? And never seen Pangia depicted with an Ice sheet, and why would any ice sheet be in the middle? That image seemed a jab, to me.

Animal Enclosures

You have not watched enough of Tellinger's vids, or anything about his go-to guy, Mutwa.

The enclosures are to process ore for gold, using sound//harmonics (some really powerful stones called "digging" weights, shovel weights .. escapes me . ..) ... catch the video where one of these things blew the security system of a whole airport!!

Circle of harmonic rock + actuator units on ?sticks + ore from a mine + a cart track where a sled could be loaded with the product and pulled away by an elephant. See Mutwa for the domestication of the African Elephant with human mother's milk. There was a goddess involved it seems! The Anti-diluvian kingdom made great use of harmonics!

Not certain if I covered all your responses . . . If you follow the spiritual bent, what do you make of the largest mask in the Sanxingdui collection?


Are you familiar with Chauvin de Huantar?

I'll leave it at this . . . But feel free to reply, if you can manage without getting upset . . . I really do not think like most people, so I don't take offense. How can you think if you are in defensive thought mode? That is the critic's weapon! Putting people off with attacks.

Great find, good luck in running it down.

Breath is the courser and
Mind is the rider.

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