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Civillization (as suggested by many intriguing hypotheses) quite possibly existed during (and maybe even before) the Ice Age. Is there a possibility that this civillization took advantage of great beasts during the construction of at least some of the megalithic structures (wich origins are speculated to be far more ancient than the current consensus allows?)

People of Asia are still using elephants for practical labour. A well trained Wooly Mammoth would be far more sensitive than any crane or lever. Buried domestic animals would probably decompose, and any tame, unsaddled creature left grassing would tumble about during the cataclysmic events at the end of The Younger Dryas, and become what we today deem a "regular" paleontological find.

This of course, remains pure speculation. But, it would make sense for an higher Ice Age civillization to have beasts of burden for both labour and protection. And what majestic beasts that may have been.

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