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Reminded me a great deal of what we see in south America. The better construction underneath the 'small boulder' buildings. Somebody lost something and that something was the skill/ability to cut and work stone like we see here. Even at the start where they show a picture of the Palace of Minos. Rubble stacked around well cut/placed pillars.

Adoption anyone? ;)

At the 6:50 min mark...can anyone tell me whether that has been painted in fairly recent times? Remarkably preserved if not...? Just looking for a quick answer if one available.

Edited to add

At the 11min mark. I'm reminded of what smashed concrete would resemble if using such large stones. I've built walls by the lake shore at our cabin - with concrete etc. - and we use larger rocks as a way of strengthening the wall and reduce amount of concrete we have to make (by the bucket so not easy).

Seems like a lot of modern reno's on this place.

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I'm 7 minutes into this vid and ...older stuff is on top of the newer? 530 Racho 20-Apr-18 06:36

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