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First Europeans survived climate change following ‘super-eruption’ by working together, say archaeologists

First of this article is based on the environment and the cultural society structure of there time. First there was not 7 billion plus humans on the earth at that time. Second it was a small scale local event so plenty of food still around, what will happen if global catastrophic event happens.
Third, earth currently does not have the wild animals to support humans going back to hunter gatherer life. So when food runs out in supermarkets and shops, chaos will come aboutM HUMANS will start eating each other it will be cut throat. Humans cannot co operate at moment so how do you expect it to happen on global catastrophic event it won't every man, groups for themselves.humans ok towards each for now cause climate is stable and plenty of food around. The thing is humans are trying to control every aspect of nature, cause we fear and want security in an unsecured world, but that just breed more ignorance and separation. We can't control everything, we are slaves to nature's dictatorship. Slaves in a boat tossed around according to nature's way. As article says....These events can be really terrible, but only in a limited way, not across continents or globally.

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