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Watched the Movie. ..The Mothman Prophecies... with Richard Gere

In the Movie Pompeii ...2 Gladiators are in the Same cell together.
One was whipped for saving a Noble Lady

An Earthquake from Volcano at Pompeii knocks a God figurine down.


It is the gods. -

They have a plan for us all. -

What do you mean?

Tonight I saw the man who killed my whole family. Perhaps the gods spared me for a reason.

The Romans took my family from me 20 years ago.
At night I try and remember their faces, but I cannot.

But I know one day, the gods will bring me to them again

Pondering. ...Our lives/existence is not by accident.

The question as to Re Incarnation. ..The link to past lives. ..or Soul journey

In the Movie -The Mothman Prophecies. ..the seeker ( Richard Gere) discovers the realm of the living is visited by Influence... which moves between realms of existence.

Some actually see the Being...others hear it speak to them.

Tragedy events ...foretold...with cryptic messages.

Consider Pompeii. ..the movie plays out in the great tragedy as many fates meeting a conclusion.

The same for the movie with Richard Gere.

People lived at Pompeii and journeyed to that place. ..
And all meet thier Fates...

I do not think our lives are by accident...

Moving thru this life,.... I delight in meeting Souls

Has mankind become smitten by the shallow returns opportunism offers,

that the Soul is not awake

to ....The Time ...She or He is in ?

We try to understand the Ancient. ..It is mystery to us.
As if we are cut off forever... by will of the God's

After midnight. ..driving home...tired..
On an upramp. .to the left an open area with a down ramp from the Hiway.
I see a Semi trailer truck hit a curb block ...roll.... upside down in seconds.

Crashing into the open area.... beside the upramp.

Dirt Explodes 80 ft into the air like a bomb going off!

Can see the Twin trailer axels standing over 20 ft in the air in the midst of the exploding dirt..
It's like a dream...
Parking to the side of the upramp,
Went to the wreck,....which was spilling fuel.
The semi trailer cab was upside down and crushed. ..
Yelled at the driver who was injured..
Reached up into the darkness. ...pulled him out of his drivers seat,.... while others gathering ...Yelled hurry's going to blow up!

That Semi trailer missed me by mere ft.
I could be dead instantly. .

Except now I'm rescuing someone. ..

Since that day in late 1990s. .
Realized I'm here for a reason. ..or Life would have taken me into The Great Mystery.

This is partly why watching Mothman Prophecies or the Movie Pompeii... pulls on my Soul.

T Bird

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