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Thanks for looking at Stanton Drew and would love to hear what Bill thinks.

Now as to your 272 well you know 504 is the side of a cube and if you manage to follow my workings on doubling a cube then your 272 comes into play in an interesting way.

You see a basic cube 400 imperial feet. And this is pretty basic 400 cubed = 64,000,000 cubic feet and double it to 128,000,000 cubic feet. The cube root is 503.96842 or 504.

If you were to double a cube with base 400 feet exactly into the shape of a pyramid then following my example the height of the pyramid is found by dividing the base by 3 and multiplying by 4 eg 400 / 3 and x by 4 = = 533.33333.

Now if you follow my example above then divide the height by 100 and mark to the 51st place = 272.

ie 533.3333 / 100 = 5.33333333 x 51 = 272.

I know it is a bit cumbersome but give it a try. Anyway we are learning.


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