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On the subject of the megalithic yard here is Bill's original video confirming the distance between the Sanctuary and Woodhenge is exactly 81600 imperial feet confirming Thom's megalithic yard. These two monuments were both excavated by Made Cunnington who owned both sites and later donated them to the public so both are free to visit. She accurately marked all the postholes so the centres are like two bullseyes on the landscape. Google Earth is proving the unerring accuracy of the sites before GE there was no real way to prove this level of accuracy.

Bill has developed a brilliant way of identifying these highly accurate measurements. i would suggest the bearing is 172.666r on this video because it translates dividing by 0.1111r to 1554 / 2 = 777 one of Michell's canonical numbers. You will notice that Bill has correlated the bearing to the measurement on many of his videos, and somtimes expresses distances in cubits.


just been asked to check the distance between Pommelte and stanton Drew and this is the result on GE that anyone can check. Both circles are easy to locate.

Hi Jim

I have just checked from the sentre of Pommelte to the centre of the large circle at Stanton Drew. The distance is 3264840 imperial feet and immediately 3264 jumps out.

Also the Hugh Franklin megalithic yard of 2.7207 feet.

The bearing is 271.63 degrees

I will forward this to Bill.

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