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Origyptian Wrote:
> M. J. Thomas Wrote:
> --------------------------------------------------
> -----
> >
> []
> I have a few questions about that proposal.
> The investigator asserts that,
    "the heel stone came out of that big
    > pit"
> ...and that the Heel Stone,
    "...had been in place at the site for
    > millions of years before Neolithic people built
    > the monument."
> But the article offers no explanation of how such
> a process might have occurred.
> If two of the stones have a local origin, then why
> did the builders need to go a full 20 miles away
> (some as far as 140 miles away) for the rest of
> them? The article reports that "experts" claim it
> may have been part of a "stone-pulling
> ceremony"
5000 years ago that...
    "...drew people together from all over the
    > country to drink and get to know one another in
    > large ceremonial feasts. Work on Stonehenge could
    > have been used to show outsiders the power of the
    > small community building it, researchers at
    > English Heritage said."
> Seems like a bit of a "stretch".
> Regardless of whether the Heel Stone was
> deliberately placed there or arrived there
> naturally, if it ended up being part of the
> function of the site, why didn't the builders
> shape/dress that one like they did with the
> others? Would that not be a component of the
> "ceremony" in an effort draw people together?

I suppose that's one way of skirting around the 'How did they move it' problem.
"It's always been there"!

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