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New paper written by Chris Ogilvie-Herald, author of Giza: The Truth.

I think he makes a good case for the existence of significant evidence suggesting water erosion playing a key role in the erosion of the Sphinx and its enclosure from the 4th dynasty. An earlier date, as has been suggested by John Anthony West, and Robert Schoch (among others), is not necessary.



In 1999 my coauthor "Ian Lawton and I published our book Giza: The Truth in which we debated the various theories regarding the Giza monuments including the erosion and age of the Great Sphinx. I now feel I relied too heavily on the chemical weathering, capillary weathering atmospheric weathering etc, in basing my conclusions on how the Sphinx enclosure became eroded. I have since publication come across a number of articles and references that strongly suggest rainfall runoff is likely to be the main agent of erosion. Not rain or runoff from some distant past prior to the rise of dynastic Egypt but storms and runoff during and after the 4th dynasty.

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Evidence for contemporary water erosion of the Sphinx. New paper. 543 Archaic 07-Apr-18 15:08

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