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Warwick Wrote:

> Stadelmann notes that "the superstructures of the
> Hetepsekhemwy and Ninetjer tombs may well have
> been casualties of Djoser's construction work to
> the north, since and but the most minimal
> superstructure....would have interfered with the
> construction of his massive enclosure wall" from
> "Early Dynastic Egypt" by Wilkinson Page 251.
> AFAIK there were no actual tombs encroached on.
> I suspect someone along the line is taking
> something our of context.
> Warwick

On the same page (251) and on page 250 in Wikinson, it is suggested that several galleries (3) under the Step Pyramid Complex could possibly belong to 2nd dynasty royal tombs.

If true this would mean that the superstructures of these tombs were (probably) destroyed by Djoser.

I suppose this is what thirdpal is referring to in the OP.


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