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A little something for those who subscribe to the idea that the Giza 3 are part of a unified plan.

The T-shaped substructure of Menkaure´s GIII-a gives it away. This is no Queens pyramid like GI a-c and GIII b-c with the chambers offset to the west. What we have here is a satellite/subsidiary/Ka pyramid just like what we find in Khufu GI-d and Khafre GII-a.

The curious thing is that Menkaure´s satellite with its base length of c. 44m is twice as large as what was, is seems, necessary at the time. Khufu´s and Khafre´s satellites have got base lengths of c. 22m and 20m respectively.

Why would Menkaure opt for such an expensive solution in lieu of established norms?

Is seems that, for some reason, it was important to build three pyramids of c. equal sizes next to Menkaure´s main pyramid.

Appearance matters.


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