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Hello everyone! Since this is my first post, I will try to make it a good one.

One day in my boredom, I was reading about the Kings List on wikipedia and for the sake of curiosity I decided to add up the "reigns" of each of the kings, up to the flood (I am sure many of you have done this too).

Noticing they had their "first archaeologically verified king" at around 2600 BC, I started there.

2600 + 1200 + 900 + 305 + 140 + 1200 + 900 + 660 + 400 + 1500 + 720 + 840 + 600 + 900 + 840 + 960 + 840 + 300 + 420 + 670 + 960 + 1200 = 19055 BC.

Obviously I was disappointed, this was not the date of the flood as we are all well aware.

I subtracted 2600, divided the total years of the "unknown kings" by 2 and added back in 2600.

10827.5 BC. That seemed more like it to me.

So what is going on - either I manipulated the data to fit the hypothesis - or Sumerian scholars could be mistaken about the length of the Sars/Years?

What are we then to make of the long lives of these "kings"? The shortest lived one, even cut in half is still 150 years! So in keeping with Graham's theory of it being a product of human kind, I realized that these aren't the names of singular kings - but of families, more akin to the names/sigils/mottos of a great house in Game of Thrones or Medieval History.

I hope this post has sparked some curiosity for you as well and I hope to bring you more interesting information in the future!

Edit: Additionally: apologies if this has been discussed or is considered common knowledge here!

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