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this is the evidence for 49 degrees and 260 feet to the Helestone (Sun stone)

The co ords for the centre were calculated by Richard Bartosz.There is a lot of contoversy re the centre of the Aubreys and sarsens being different and I have used the Aubrey centre.(this gives 7000 feet to the lesser cursus.

The fact is 308/49 would not have emerged as working with the sekhed without Jacob's work.

As to the metre being used - comprehensively yes as 39.60 x 2.5252525r centimetres

89760 x 12 x 2.52525r = 27200 ten thousand of Thom's megalithic yard units ( he said base 10 was universally sacred and SH represents 10000 or 100 x 100.

It is in my latest book. Buy a copy and do a review on amazon. cheap as chips.

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