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Hi David

Just read the first post, and with your 9072/7 = 1296, there is also the 46,656 / 360 = 129.6

Good obs there by Jacob for the square, and I read later his "8/9 diameter squared"...8 and 9 again with the beam layers above the upper chamber. Ah, but in that chamber and the middle chamber are the identities to the circle: (1/5 x 360) - (1/7 x 360) = 144/7 = 20 4/ the size of the Royal Cubit is still going to be a contention with folks trying to equate it to certain measures.

For the middle chamber, the complete diagonal is 360"; for the upper chamber, it is 514 2/7". Yes, that's 10 x 360/7. This is circle play here, and accordingly, pi must have been known...but bugger, was it known by the very few and the rest had approximations as best as they could find? Now that is a possibility.

In a post a few years back, I queried the entrance glyph in the lintel above the main entrance, and applied squares and a circle to it, according to the dimensions as measured by Petrie and another. The result shows pi was known by the Egyptians. I'm sorry I cannot place the photo here as photobucket doesn't allow third party hosting unless I pay a few hundred dollars, but the image and simple calculations can be found here

It shows that a circle centred upon the middle of the entire glyph - including chevron beams above, has a circumference of pi - 1 when a square of 1 unit is applied to the glyph. The basics of such a construction is seen here (I'm sorry I cannot link to the post where these things were made as I am a bit pushed for time at the moment to search for it.

Well, back to some things and I'll have to still get to grips with ancient measures...but it's great to see posts migrating from one topic to another and being used again. I kind of hoped "Other numbers of Khufu Pyramid and ancient cultures" might have been a topic where things from ancient cultures could be explored more, but I guess topics on ancient cultures and their measures could be accepted as being completely different...and maybe not at all related to anything of the pyramid.

But good on you for taking:
"Date: January 16, 2018 11:02PM
Hi David,
LOL, Yes I am very familar with 99/70 as a approximation of the square root of 2. By the same token you can say G1's (rise run 14/11) rise run x 10/9 = 140/99, (140/99 + 99/70) = square root 8 if divided by 2 = sqrt2). We know they used the rise run of 14/11 of G1 so now all you have do in order to validate your claim is prove the Ancient Egyptians used pi!

and using it for SH on January 25, 2018 02:36PM

It's all good, mate. The main point is that the number play is being discovered and discussed to allow us to understand the ancients and their ways. And I do like another confirmation that metres were a known measure. From my other topic, last post:

"When 195,955,200,000,000 is divided by Precession, 25,920 years, 7,560,000,000 is achieved. If this were in inches, it would be 210,000,000 yards, or 103,684.665 nautical miles. Adjusting the number by two decimal places, 2/9 x 1,036.84665 = 230.41037.
Were 230.41037 in metres, it would equal 9,071.274”. Petrie has the greatest measure of Khufu’s pyramid as 9,069.5” for a side, so the difference is but 0.774”. For a measurement comparison, 9,071.274 / 230.41037 = 39.37008(rounded), and this number as inches = 1 metre."

I don't suppose SH could have the metre as a factor, could it?


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