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i don't think Egyptian pi was used in the sense of modern PI.

You might give a little more consideration to the Heelstone, which is set at precisely 1/7 arc from true north, according to and quoting from: Temporal Epoch Calculations by James Q. Jacobs in which he states: “I noted that the latitude at Avebury equals the circumference of the earth divided by 7, with an error less than the diameter of Avebury. I later noted a simple geometric relation for Stonehenge's much-publicized Heel Stone alignment. The Heel Stone azimuth is precisely 51.4286° E. of N., also CIR/7. I had questioned the 'Heel Stone—winter solstice sunrise' alignment because the solstice azimuth has dramatically changed, and finding the Heel Stone's precise CIR/7 azimuth added to my doubts. ). I almost dismissed the summer solstice sunrise alignment rationale for the Heel Stone. CIR/7 not only fits the 'simplest explanatory theory' concept, it fits circularity. A 1/7-azimuth alignment in a circle makes more sense than apparent, time-varying solar motion. After all, one-seventh is a constant reference, not a moving target”

Fortunately we now have GE and I have checked this Azimuth very accurately. It is 49 degrees vastly different to 360/7 or 51.4286° as 7 x 7 degrees.

Guess what, the az to the centre of the lesser cursus i recorded a couple of years ago on the megalithic portal is exactly 308 dgrees. i will look it up and post it here.

308 / 49 = 6.285714286 x the sekhed = 8.

check the two azimuths yourself.

This is the point on the lesser cursus cropmark i worked to to get the az of 308 degrees


here is the file done when the 'what lies beneath' outputs became avaiable


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