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exactly and 14/10 x 100/99

10/9 and 100/99 are part of the system


try that in decimals!!

The sekhed was very elusive at Stonehenge!! How simple it is!! It is just too crafty to see but you spotted it.

66/56 is one that i have picked up and this works with 8/3

66/56*8/3 = 22/7

the 66/56 can be discounted and the circle becomes units of 1.333r the eclipse prediction system

The imperial is base 99 and the eclipse system base 100

1.32 x 100/99 = 1.333r

It is so simple.

I feel sure this is the system they were using.

Look at Egyptian Pi as 1.333r to the power 4. Rind papyrus 50.

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