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I have waited to see if anyone picked up on this but so far no one has so I am flagging it because to me it seems to be quite important.

Nowhere in modern mathematics do we derive the circumference from the square even though the relationship in certain circumstances is very simple.

Jacob has illustrated this very simply using the square divided into 4 smaller equal sized squares so the centre of the large square is identified and the centre of the circle with the corresponding radius being 1.

the outside of the large square is 8 units and the inscribed circle can be calculated using the sekhed. I think sekheds are ratios but not too sure about this.

The Sekhed 14/11 is used to produce the circumference giving 8/14 x 11 as the circumference.

So 8 x 11/14 = 6.285714286 no Pi required.

If the GP base side is represented by 9072 units the circle circumference is 7128 divide by 360 to give 19.8 this is base 99, the cubit is 9072 / 440 = 20.18181818r divide this into 756 feet (9072 inches ) to get 36.66r this is 100 barleycorns.

9072 / 7 = 1296 and this number appears in the analysis of Plimton 322 and divide by 0.15 to get 86400 seconds in a day. Babylonian time.

9072 x 40 = 362880 / by 1x2x3x4x5x6x7x8x9 = 1.

At Stonehenge the Diameter is 142.80 feet x 8 = 1142.40 /14 x 11 = 897.60 spot on so Sekheds work at SH.

The GP base side is 440 units and this converts to 560.

This all suggests the imperial system was used.

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