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This is Hugh's contribution and I know some metrologists on this site are aware of it.

Hugh's legacy is the HFC ( it's a good job I am not called Kevin he is quoted )

Please do not try to contact him as he is very frail these days.

Hugh has produced a 'best fit' geometrical and mathematical analysis of Petrie's measurements at the GP using 9068.80 inches as the side length of the base.

Hugh uses actual Pi in his calculations and much of his work is based on the mathematics of the hexagon ( honeybee mathematics) Hugh also specialises in barleycorn mathematics so a fairly potent brew.

Hugh has the ancient barleycorn as 1.1 imperial inches /3 giving 0.36666r imperial inches as it's length and this is using Saxon units of measure, as preferred by Jim Wakefield, the base unit being 1.32 imperial feet or 15.84 imperial inches.

15.84 / 0.36666r = 43.2 and any metrologist will tell you this is a 360 degree circle in inches

432/12 = 36 inches the English yard.

Have a look at Hugh's workings in particular his work at Giza, the units he produces in his analysis are remarkable and there is nothing woolly about his work, it all balances exactly.

He also produces a unit that works within the parameters of Thom's megalithic yard as 2.72 imperial feet plus or minus 0.002 imperial feet.

The idea that honeybees and barleycorns are involved leads strongly to the idea of naturally based mathematics investigated in great detail by Anne Macaulay.

Another collectors item I'm afraid and not a penny to the author's estate.


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