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Hi David,

I just realized, that 108 angle to the right side, and 108 to the left from GP makes a beautiful angle just about the shape of Nile delta, 216 degrees combined (or 144 opposite). I also like the fact, that Malta is in the belt of 36 degrees latitude, same as Rhodos, which the latter has some focal point of navigation according to ancient Greek historians. Two years ago, when I was studying the development of the latitude and longitude system, I couldn't get much farer than Erastothenes and his Greek friends, which was of cource a bit disapponting. Does anyone know if Egyptians used some sort of geographical grid, that has a relation to the long/lat grid that was used by Greeks later and which we are still using with improvements and added accuracy today?

At first hand, as rounded forms, big fat lady and everything in Malta seems very distant from the phraonic styles. Temples are very different from the pyramid shapes. But the estimated late neolithic construction date are somewhat close 3000-2500BC for both constructions.

What do we know about Egyptians sailing in the Mediterranean Sea, navigation and ship making skills? Any textual evidence they visited Malta, or at least could hae sailed there around 3000BC? Or maybe Maltan people came to Egypt with their knowledge, who knows!

I did point center to the northern stone temple in Hagar Qim, centered by hand and computer cursor. One can see the white cover over the excavation from Google Maps. Same with GP.

How do we define the center point for both, is there general concensus about the long/lat mid point of GP for instance?

Let me watch the videos next and ponder a bit more...



If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6, and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.

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