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Hi Marko

I recently visited Malta and Gozo because my son was working there for a year. i visited the temples and the link is one I have not looked at but thought about.

I can help you on this because I use GE a lot in respect of distances between sites, in particular in the UK.

I would say use distances in imperial then look for other possible interpretations using known ancient units.

Outputs from GE can be a bit problematic but i would suggest just accept the outputs from whatever version you are using and compare with different timelapse versions.

In terms of 108 are you fixing from the centre of the GP and the centre of the Hagar Qim monument?

i would say 108 degrees is a key ancient unit as 9 x 12 being 3/10 of 360. In terms of my findings at other sites this unit frequently turns up.

In terms of the distance 151200 you have linked to 108 so it should turn up something interesting but don't read too much into it.

151200 / 5280 = 286.3636364 OK but not too promising

I always divide by 33, 34 and 35 as imperial Thom and Roman units and Roman hits the jackpot here.

151200 / 35 = 4320 / 12 = 360.

So you have something to work with.

Multiplying by 0.12 is often worth trying as one foot is 100 units of 0.12 of a foot.

In this case 108 x 0,12 = 12.96 and jackpot again as this number crops up in the recently discovered Plimpton 322 tablet / 1.5 = 86.40 so in seconds.

There is a megalithic route to Giza via Malta and you seem to be finding it.

It is good if your starting and finishing points can be very specific for example Bill Wilkinson gets 81600 feet from the Sanctuary to Woodhenge and both monuments centres can be very easily fixed on GE. i guarantee you will find things that you will not believe using the imperial system.

good luck and very promisisng start, quite stunning actually.


look at the orientation on the video it is 172.66666r and can be unlocked using 0.11111r as a unit or 1/9.

This gives 1554 / 2 = 777 / 7 = 111 and this is a Pictish scottish unit of measure and you have found excatly what bill and I have. The orientations are very deliberate.

my suggestion is look at the units Bill uncovers in his videos and see if they turn up in your findings.

cheers Dave K

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