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Every while and once you see maps and lines, degrees and miles calculated here in the GHMF forum.

But how do you guys make sure you have calculated for example degrees right? I was trying to find out what is the orientation per Giza platform (GP) and neolithic temple in Hagar Qim in Malta that is said to be built by Giants.

Google map shows 108 degrees with .05 precision. But I'd like to get some confirmation to it, because this is really the first time I'm playing with the idea.

My next step would be to make another mirror line to East. I think it goes thru the northern part of the Dead Sea, quite near to caves where the Qumran scrolls where found. Then TharThar lake is on the way finally line reaching to the southern part of the Caspian sea.

So how do you do these calculations and make sure they are correct? I'd like to spot the place exactly opposite side of the Malta regarding to center line drawn by GP.

I'm sure there are many details one needs to know to have a firm bases for the calculations. Degrees and miles / feet comes first to my interest. It is around 1512000 feet to Qumran from Giza, for example. 54 notches in the GP Grand gallery could also simply be a hint to degrees, because it is half of 108.



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