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”Archaeologists excavating an ancient river bed in Israel have uncovered a vast prehistoric site where, half a million years ago, early humans created a hoard of elaborate flint tools that suggest their cognitive abilities were much closer to our own than previously thought.

Hundreds of thousands of artifacts have emerged…

Based on the tools found at the site and early tests on the paleomagnetism of the sediments, the site has been tentatively dated to around half a million years ago, and attributed to Homo erectus, the species of hominid most likely to have that inhabited the area at the time…

If the dating of the Jaljulia site is confirmed, it would move the clock further backwards on a key technological milestones in our evolution – and one that most probably we Homo sapiens cannot claim as our own.

The advanced cognitive abilities required to make those tools would even predate the controlled use of fire…”

Archaeologists Find Huge Prehistoric 'Picnic Spot' From Half a Million Years Ago in Israel

Dr. Troglodyte

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