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Hi David and discussion group on this very interesting topic.

Utilizing the Modern Meter definition value of 299,792,458 units = SOL, I couldn't seem to get a good working unit ratio correlation between the Old Meter system definition of the SOL, as 300,000,000 x (1224/1225) = 299,755,102 OM's differential factor to the modern of a 1/8024.282635th. part. Keeping in mind that this ratio reduction in the modern Meter represents, a Polar Meridian unit, and not an Equatorial unit, I did find a good adjustment correlation ratio finally, that fits the Earth Geoid model I have been developing and studying for many yrs., in the Equatorial differential value of the SOL. And wouldn't you know, this adjustment ratio would come from a unit of that Troy Lb. 5760 grs. x the Diatesseron ratio squared of (4/3)^2 = 10,240, being also a binary multiple of 2^10 x 10. Such that when I reduce the Old Meter value by a 10240/10241 part, I get a closer value to the modern definition of the Meter of 299,784,375 reduced Meter units. This figure can now be used in the same equation sequence above, to define the Equatorial value of this Earth Geoid model as follows;

599,568,749.9 RM's. x 2
6939.453124 / 86400 (secs.per day)
365.234375 / 19 (Yrs?)
131,484,375 x 360,000 (degree factor)
24902.34375 / 5280 Mi. Earth Equatorial Circ., and to extend that value to the next step, also involving the binary ratio 256/255 = 25,000 Mi. Ideal Earth Circ. used in these ancient systems.

It is interesting to see how the Old Meter unit adapts so well in whole integer unit ratios, when applied to other dimensions of the Earth Geoid system.

But of course this is all just a big coincidence I know :)

Best regards,


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