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For all to comment on if you wish. David thanks for pushing me and Dr T for listening.

This is something I have always avoided because I believe that the measures of today although we have a common system (SI) is not the end of the story because as one of my favourite little books Quotes 'Todays precision measurements will be tomorrow coarse measurements'

Part 1. The speed of light 299 792 458 is something I would not normally write on however I think this is worth mentioning.

In astronomy, a very famous cycle of time is known as the Metonic cycle. This is a period of 19 years during during which there are 235 lunations (a lunar phase cycle), named after Meton, the Greek astronomer who discovered the cycle in 432 BC. Modern astronomers hold that there are 6939 days and 14.5 hours in 235 lunations.

The speed of light expressed in days 299 792 458 seconds x 2 = 59,958,490 seconds = 6939.640231 or 6939 days and 15.3 hours.

If it is coincidence then it is one hell of a coincidence with the Metonic cycle.

In 9.5 years (1/2 of 19 years) there are 3,469.875 days 83,277 hours 4,996,620 minutes and 299,797,200 seconds the difference between numbers = 4,742 seconds or 1.317 hours.

from 299 792 458 x 2 = 599,584,916 / 235 lunations = 2,551,425.174 seconds 29.53038396 days (synodic month 29.5305/6 days)

There is a symmetry here which is difficult to explain.

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