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Hi Amy

The above link to bring Saturn Theory into view.

David Talbott research into Symbols in cultures, mythology etc which may describe
Plasma/EM events .
There are several versions of Saturn Theory which are considered at Thunderbolts Forum.

I lean toward Dwardu Cardona view of Saturn being captured into our Solar System.
Having Earth and Mars as planets inside Saturn's Plasma sheath.

Humans might then experience the Plasma/EM events from view near later ages
When Saturn released both Earth and Mars...which moved independent until their captures in AU as we find today.
Venus being the most recent capture

It's difficult to imagine our Solar system in transition.
Holoscience /Electric Universe explain how the transitions can occur along with capture.

The old Science theories of Big Bang to comets are dirty icy snowballs continue in peer review publish.
All my years following Electric Universe have not disappointed

It's the better explanation and science of how the Cosmos operates : )

T Bird

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