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Hello Mr. Hancock and the fellow truth-seekers! In this post, I propose an exploration of a new and more practical theory surrounding the mysterious hand bags and pinecones depicted so predominantly in ancient art and archeology. The thoughts presented are of my own speculation and research, and I ask readers to please form their own opinions based on their own beliefs and research.

Who were they?

As Graham outlines in his book, Magicians of the Gods, the figures holding the bags are often represented as humanoid hybrids of bird or fish-like creatures. I believe these figures were actually human beings of an advanced antediluvian civilization that possessed certain esoteric knowledge and/or technology that most other people did not possess. The hybrid depictions of these people are symbolic indicators that they were different than most others. Additionally, fish and bird depictions were used because they are migratory animals that travel great distances, which I believe hints that the mission of these individuals involved traveling the globe. That mission was to gather, store, and preserve the seeds of plant, animal, and human life in preparation for the impending catastrophe. Not just anybody can do this properly; instead, only those with right experience, skills and knowledge would be trusted to undergo such an important task. I believe the “Magicians of the Gods” were actually physicians of the Gods! (No disrespect intended to Mr. Hancock or his amazing book.)

What did they possess?

Small to medium-sized hand-held bags typically contain tools or implements used by a skilled person whom possesses knowledge on how to use said tools. More specifically, these bags contained instruments for extracting and storing the seeds of life, DNA. Illustrations frequently show what appears to be a pinecone accompanying the hand bag. I believe the purpose of the pinecone device was to store and protect the “seeds”, just like a real pinecone. Technology is often modeled off nature, and what better way to store and protect several small samples of precious DNA in a compact device? Many people do not believe the depictions were of a literal pinecone, and many view them as a representation of the pineal gland, but perhaps it could also have been a device used to store and preserve genetic material for later re-propagation following the catastrophe.


In summary, a group of physicians belonging to an advanced civilization traveled the globe prior to the catastrophic event triggering the Younger Dryas. Side note: That event was most likely comprised of several dozen comets and comet fragments; hence, the inability to completely avoid such a threat. Those physicians extracted and preserved thousands of plant, animal and human DNA samples from around the globe. Following the inital devastation of the catastrophe, these physicians, or perhaps even their descendants, reemerged with the skills, knowledge, and mission to travel the globe and redistribute the seeds of life so civilization may flourish again and not “begin as children”. This may also explain why several depictions of "Gods" with hand bags include the tree of life. The endeavor undertaken by these physicians would have been revered and memorialized by people both before, during, and after the Younger Dryas period as life-changing and history-changing events.

This theory may help explain the sudden burst of agriculture and knowledge following the end of the Younger Dryas, but it is by no means all-encompassing and does contain some gaps. For instance, it does not explain the burst of skilled architecture that also occurred during the same time period. Perhaps other specialists were on a similar mission? Additionally, this theory does not address the hundreds of mega-faunal extinctions that accompanied the Younger Dryas. Why wouldn't these specimens have been preserved and re-propagated? There is also no explanation offered for the watch-like apparatus worn on the wrist of these figures. Overall, I feel this theory is a good practical interpretation of some of structures and artwork left behind by our ancestors and may help explain a portion of our human story that was lost thousands of years ago.


Many thanks to Graham Hancock and his colleagues for their relentless pursuit of truth and for inspiring me to think differently about the history of this planet and its inhabitants. I am not a professional author or academic, so I apologize for any misrepresentations and will strive to make corrections as necessary. It is my hope that this post fosters further discussion and research into this topic so we can all form our own opinions. I happen to believe the truth is stranger than fiction. Thank you all for reading, and be well.


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