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I am in the process of collecting my posts for reference so I thought I would start a thread of it as it may be helpful to others or be of interest to new readers. This is a collection of most of the threads I have started, which is either sad or commendable I am not sure, probably both, but as time allows I will begin collating individual posts into some kind of coherent form and perhaps starting new threads on them and fleshing them out more. Anyhoo, if you all are interested, great, if not that is ok too. This is for my own benefit, but hopefully it will be worthwhile for all.

Pyramid at Meidum- A New Perspective **

The Mastabas of Meidum- A New Perspective **

Menkaure's Sarcophagus Revisited **

Mesopotamian Origin of the Egyptian Serekh Palace Facade

The Enigma of the Palace Facade Mastabas of the 1st Dynasty **

Troubles with the 2nd Dynasty. **

Khasekhemwy- Bridge to the Pyramid Age **

Connection Between the 5th Dynasty and the Levant **

Pyramid Town Not for Pyramid Workers After All

Pyramid Construction

4th Dynasty-2900BC?

Jiroft Culture Stepped Pyramid Ziggurats c. 2500BC, Iran
(Note:several posts re Mesopotamian/Egyptian contact)

Thuban and the Descending Passages-The Key to Dating the Pyramids?

A Connection: Phoenicia and Early Dynastic Egypt

Forgotten 3rd Dynasty Pyramids of the South

Mastaba of Shepsekaf

Textual Evidence of an Older Sphinx?

Senenuka-Overseer of the Pyramid Town of Khufu
(Note: 4th Dynasty exquisite dress)

4,300-Year-Old Statue In Hazor Israel Depicts Mystery Pharaoh

Anubis-Lord of the Giza Necropolis **

Megalithic Strangers Passing in the Night **

Giza Pyramids: Order of Construction **

Mastabas of Giza-Reference and Commentary

Giza Pyramids as Tombs In the Words of Herodotus and Diodorus

Qasr el- Sagha, Polygonal Masonry, Bosses, Columns and Chronology of Construction

4th Dynasty Tomb of Debhen-Pyramids and Buildings

Second Khufu Cartouche Exists on North Side of Campbell's Chamber **

DNA Study Reveals AE Closely Related to Levant and Anatolian Populations

New Treasures From Tutankhamun’s Tomb Indicate Surprising Links Between the Levant and Egypt

Evidence Why the Pyramids Were Built Before the Dynastic Period-Give It Your Best Shot

Satellite Pyramid of Dahshur-Proof the Great Pyramids Were Built in the Dynastic Period?

If Pyramids are not Tombs, then where are the Pharaohs?**

Ancient Egyptians Collected Fossils

Wooden Beams of the Bent Pyramid Part II

Khufu's Boats-How Did They Get There if Giza Was Built Before the Dynastic Period?

Do the Old Kingdom Egyptians and Pyramids Date to the 3rd Millennium?

If a Lost Civilization Built the Great Pyramids How did the AE Build the Rest?

Life After Lost Civilization

19th Century Egyptian Photography of Francis Frith (1822-1898)

Who Built the Pyramids: Mystery Solved!

Saqqara Photo Reference- Curious Metal Object

Granite Rock Architecture of Ancient India: Barabar Caves

Possible Discovery Of Ancient Mother And Baby With Elongated Heads In Bolivia

Largest ancient stone block discovered in Baalbek

Basalt Stonework of the Hittites

Why Did Ancient Europeans Just Disappear 14,500 Years Ago?

Man-Made Monolith Discovered in the Sicilian Channel c. 7,500BC or Older

Monkey 'Tools' Raise Questions Over Human archaeological Record

Merv Turkmenistan- One of the Greatest Ancient Cities on Earth

Lathe Turned Pillars Hoysaleswara Temple, India 12th Century AD

"Pyramids" of Lydia

Graham's Comments Regarding Sitchin: Magicians of the Gods **

The Ancient Korean Pyramids of China

Megalithic Cyclopean Ruins of Greece and Italy

Moving Megalithic Stones-the Search for a Unified Theory

13th Century Temple of Nimrod and the Blocks of Baalbek

Mesopotamian Origin of the Biblical Flood Myth **

Lizard Men, Cro-Magnon, Elongated Skulls, Malta, and Fat Ladies. **

The Deffufas: Mud Brick Ziggurat Like Structures of Ancient Nubia

Gigantic Unfinished Stele Abandoned in Chinese Quarry

Basalt Stonework of the Hittites

Saqqara Photo Archive

The Lost Early Dynastic Cemetery of El-Reqaqna

Jiroft Culture Stepped Pyramid Ziggurats c. 2500BC, Iran

Nahal Mishmar Metallurgical Hoard, Levant c.3500BC-Egypt Connection

Valley Temple of Unas RAMP

Rediscovering The Sources Of Egyptian Metals

4th Dynasty Pottery Workshop with Potter's Wheel Found at Aswan

Elongated Skulls of the Levant c. 7500BC + More

Case for an Older Baalbek **

G1 and the Boat Pits of Djedefre
(Note: lecture video of newly discovered Khufu cartouches + assertion Khufu II used iron fittings)

5th Millennium Ancient Civilization Discovered in Iran

Two 4,500-year-old houses found near Giza Pyramids

Khufu and the Sanctuary of Thoth

Pyramids and the House of Thoth?

Mudhifs of Mesopotamia

G1 Thermal Anomaly Hoax?

The Ubaid Cubit-Connection with Egypt?

Thanos5150's Mother of All Playlists.

4,600yr Old Greek "Pyramid" Island

Ancient Architects Plagiarizing My Work

Cat wearing jetpack in 16th century drawing baffles historians

All text written by Lee Anderson copyright the respective dates written and may not be reproduced without permission and/or citation.

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