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For serious discussion of the controversies, approaches and enigmas surrounding the origins and development of the human species and of human civilization. (NB: for more ‘out there’ posts we point you in the direction of the ‘Paranormal & Supernatural’ Message Board). 
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Interesting sexual connotation you use there. Might it be a way of belittling the poster? Especially a woman poster? Warning..... chauvinistic remarks are not good for your health. If I want yours or Racho's or Ori's advice, I'll ask for it. Don't worry about what I respond to. FYI, am not hot and bothered. Neither sexually nor in anger. But if you want to make it sexual, good luck with that.

That would have to be one of the oddest responses from anyone on this board in a while.

Evidently you have no desire to discuss giant stone spheres or unusual stone work of any kind. Your objective is ...??

to engage in serious discussion of the controversies, approaches and enigmas surrounding the origins and development of the human species and of human civilization.


BTW. I have already responded on the stone sphere issue. They are natural formations. What more is there to discuss?

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No other explanation ...high tech 1490 Racho 11-Nov-17 21:39
sorry to all...but at the 21 min mark and a few minutes after 290 Racho 11-Nov-17 22:08
Re: No other explanation ...high tech 365 D-Archer 12-Nov-17 08:57
Re: No other explanation ...high tech 320 Thanos5150 12-Nov-17 17:31
Not megalithic 385 Racho 14-Nov-17 06:40
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Re: Not megalithic 250 Jon Ellison 14-Nov-17 20:33
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Re: Not megalithic 172 Audrey 15-Nov-17 22:23
Re: Not megalithic 232 Racho 27-Nov-17 01:46
Re: Not megalithic 208 Corpuscles 27-Nov-17 02:28
Re: Not megalithic 241 Racho 27-Nov-17 02:52
Stone Spheres Are Natural Formations 122 Barbelo 27-Nov-17 05:37
I think the point is proven 154 Racho 27-Nov-17 06:04
Re: I think the point is proven ; 187 Barbelo 27-Nov-17 11:02
dismissive 101 Racho 27-Nov-17 16:48
Re: I think the point is proven 113 Origyptian 27-Nov-17 15:36
Let's learn about the science/realities associated with cutting stone 141 Racho 27-Nov-17 06:41
Re: Not megalithic 126 Origyptian 27-Nov-17 06:50
I Second That 205 Barbelo 27-Nov-17 20:52 about being unhinged/triggered 158 Racho 27-Nov-17 23:26
Re: about being unhinged/triggered 163 Corpuscles 27-Nov-17 23:46
Re: about being unhinged/triggered 192 Barbelo 28-Nov-17 00:00
you start... 218 Racho 28-Nov-17 03:53
Re: you start... 217 Barbelo 28-Nov-17 05:15
Re: I Second That 228 Audrey 28-Nov-17 01:43
Wacko or Crackpot? 237 Barbelo 28-Nov-17 02:30
Re: Wacko or Crackpot? 178 Corpuscles 28-Nov-17 02:49
Re: Wacko or Crackpot? 202 Audrey 28-Nov-17 03:38
Re: Wacko or Crackpot? 270 Barbelo 28-Nov-17 05:23
Re: Not megalithic 129 Corpuscles 27-Nov-17 20:03
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Re: Not megalithic 243 Corpuscles 28-Nov-17 00:55
Re: Not megalithic 193 Audrey 28-Nov-17 02:02
Re: Not megalithic 280 Warwick 29-Nov-17 21:08
Re: Not megalithic 194 Origyptian 15-Nov-17 22:38
Re: Not megalithic 159 Jon Ellison 15-Nov-17 23:10
Re: Not megalithic 155 Jon Ellison 15-Nov-17 23:32
Re: Not megalithic 258 Origyptian 16-Nov-17 02:47
Re: Not megalithic 175 Origyptian 16-Nov-17 02:43
Re: Not megalithic 257 Origyptian 14-Nov-17 21:58
Re: Not megalithic 222 Jon Ellison 14-Nov-17 22:14
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Re: Not megalithic 209 Corpuscles 14-Nov-17 22:47
Re: Not megalithic 211 Warwick 15-Nov-17 02:47
Re: Not megalithic 246 Audrey 15-Nov-17 04:06
Re: Not megalithic 161 Warwick 18-Nov-17 00:59
Re: Not megalithic 222 Racho 15-Nov-17 06:26
Re: Not megalithic 251 Warwick 18-Nov-17 01:01
Re: No other explanation ...high tech 316 Origyptian 12-Nov-17 14:37
Re: No other explanation ...high tech 334 Corpuscles 12-Nov-17 17:48
There Has Never Been Solid Ground 274 cladking 12-Nov-17 19:10
Re: There Has Never Been Solid Ground 245 Corpuscles 12-Nov-17 20:06
Re: There Has Never Been Solid Ground 248 cladking 12-Nov-17 20:55
Re: There Has Never Been Solid Ground!!!!!!!!!!! 233 Corpuscles 12-Nov-17 21:26
Re: There Has Never Been Solid Ground!!!!!!!!!!! 274 cladking 12-Nov-17 21:42
Facinating 247 Warwick 14-Nov-17 20:23
Re: Facinating 214 cladking 14-Nov-17 21:33
Re: Facinating 237 Warwick 15-Nov-17 02:51

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