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If an alternative viewpoint offends you, then by all means call it wacko. Makes no difference to me.

Alternative viewpoints don't offend me. It seems clear that the only ones taking offense here are you and Racho.

If it "makes no difference to you" then why all the huffing and puffing? Why don't you just adhere to Racho's advice and don't respond to posts which get you all hot and bothered?

Unlike yourself who appears quite content to not only immerse herself in sub-standard rubbish but also takes considerable time to defend it, there are others who prefer a higher standard of proof.

Considering his ongoing crusade for such lofty levels I would have thought that Dr. Femano would also appreciate work of a higher quality.

But really your attack post is just another thinly veiled defense of Dr Femano and the crackpot label. From what I can gather this isn't the first time you have selflessly done so.

Wacko or crackpot?

Matters little to me as well.

Do you also think that the seagulls at Niagara Falls are UFOs?


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