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Hi Audrey

Audrey Wrote:
> I hear ya. No, doesn't make sense to carve a round
> column in situ, and it's hard to imagine why that
> cut was made.
> For others who are interested,
> here is
> the pic
Racho is talking about.

Please help. I may need these special spectacles that Racho talks about BUT where is the column you speak of?

What are the dimensions of the semi circular bore hole? How big is the total block seeming to me sedimentary conglomerate? What is the geological description of the rock?

> From what I've gathered, "they" say ancient man
> had nothing but time to do these things, and being
> obsessed with religious beliefs he felt compelled
> to spend a lifetime erecting altars to gods (most
> everything unusual is called an altar of some
> sort). Hence the jokes like - if they find a
> bathtub in 3000 yrs they'll think it was a
> sacrificial container.

Did AE ever mummify bodies? Why, if not for religious /superstitious reasons?
Did they ever include grave goods for the afterlife? Pre dynastic and after?

Did Qin Shi Hung really make all that terracotta army? Why ? Was it not a burial with religious /superstitious reasons?

Do you think that human anthropomorphic figures with animal heads were real entities? Or was it religious /superstitious reasons?
Don't you think they were 'gods' if not what is your better explanation?

Have you read any or several versions of the Book of Coming Forth by day? How can you dismiss religious /superstitious reasons? Was it all about a geyser powered unworkable insane construction technique?

In anticipation
Kindest regards x

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