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Racho Wrote:
> Well...
> Why would a drill hole be present at all at this
> location given it's current resting place? I only
> want to impress how odd this whole scenario is
> given the incredible amount of work it would take
> with tools we are supposed to believe created
> same. It has to strike you as odd ...c'mon now.
> Horizontal drill holes of large size in a stone
> that is located in what seems to be a very
> isolated spot? ?? Something was removed from this
> with purpose and it wasn't a testing hole imv. Do
> you recognize just how long it would take to make
> this sort of hole using copper tubing and sand
> abrasive?
> My suggestion corps is to study these photos and,
> whilst doing so, understand the magnitude of the
> work that was done given bronze chisels etc..
> Watch the elephant carver and how long he was
> engaged in this work just to accomplish this.
> ...doesn't add up. The big picture includes the
> puma punku's and ant people homes and all of the
> other locations in these vids.
> You recognize all of the enigma's but then seem to
> ridicule those of us who conclude that some sort
> of lost civilization (advanced yes) created the
> majority of this stuff...? Maybe I've missed
> something in your posts but myself and others
> (vlad/newearth) are simply pointing out the
> obvious - what we are told is nonsense and doesn't
> fit the evidence. Egyptologists have formed
> opinions based on hard physical labour using
> ancient contraptions and tools. Doesn't work.
> We go way back - and history we've been presented
> with as being fact....pfft. It's easy to see an
> alternative when one takes into account the amount
> of physical work required if using chisels or
> quartz tipped tools.
> For the record then...what do you think?
> Feel/believe that ancient man ie: ancient Egyptian
> types/age created these buildings with ancient
> tools and wooden contraptions? What exactly is
> your position on this just so we/I can be clear.?
> D
> edit...and totally outside of the above
> scenario...
> I'm at 5 min mark of this vid
> []
> oad=1 and these spheres are totally weird.
> Something happened back then and we are only now
> beginning to understand the how and why's. remains
> speculation but is odd and worth keeping in your
> back pocket should further vids arise which
> attempt to shed some light.

Hi Racho


Where is the stone located exactly?
What is the history of that site? (eg In last 200 years, last 1000yrs, and earliest known occupation)
Are there several such bore holes in a row along the block.? (picture cropped)
Any history of earthquake at that site?
What sort of stone is it exactly? ( Inner cut surface looks granite'ish but outer large chunks look like conglomerate)
What evidence is there that it is an ancient work and not relatively modern?

Relying on internet pictures without precise details, is nearly as stupid as writing a fantasy book or contributing expert opinion, about hieratic writing in G1 pyramid RC's when one has never actually seen the writing nor possess any understanding of the subject.

What do you think the round balls are? Particularly where there are hundreds of them plus in a desert. Did the aliens fire cast iron canons with rocks from their spaceships?
Suggest take nozzle off garden hose , turn on tap, hold hose vertically and watch the water form balls when falling. Then consider molten rock exploding out of a volcano and thrust into upper atmosphere.

I think there is absolute evidence of a catastrophe around the end of the last ice age. I do think there were advanced civilizations wiped out. Lots of stonework around the world (widespread) which cannot have been achieved by copper/bronze chisels and pounders. Some remnant with significant knowledge did survive and educate but likely did not have the infrastructure they once enjoyed. After all we are posting on Graham Hancock's message board!

The basalt pavements and Serapeum are good examples. They cannot be explained adequately however Vlad or Sylvia or Kos, nor you, has not yet come up with a valid alternative with sound evidence of how when and why it was done either.

I mostly enjoy the vids you post (bring to our attention). Vlad needs to broaden his musical taste beyond that techno drone , Sylvia likes throwing stones at orthodoxy but includes even more stupid insane fantasies of her own (eg rocks growing like mushrooms and pictures clearly photoshopped, often unlabelled with no provenance or detail given).

However, some balance needs to provided when discussing artefacts , especially when it is obvious that provenance has been established eg some of the stuff is clearly produced in dynastic Egyptian times.

I note elsewhere recently you resurrected a thread Susan Doris made about a comment I made re 1 million $ challenge. Suggest re read the OP and you ought not be in any doubt about whether I accept there is much unexplained stonework.

You made comment elsewhere about people grabbing a chunk of granite and bashing into it.

Here is a challenge for you (already included in my 1st post in this thread) Find some limestone. Chip off the hardened crust, then take a plain carpenters saw and cut it. EASY! Do not just believe me- do it. Then you will likely dismiss most things made of limestone , and including Sebastopol mines in Crimea, from such videos.

Not all archaeologists or Egyptologists are trained and competent in the subject of geology or machine tooling etc and just whining that they have got a lot wrong does nothing to find a solution or establish better facts.

For your further viewing pleasure look up a series on youtube called "What the ancients knew"

Here is one on China but suggest you watch at least the series on Japan and India as well . Sorry about the Aussie accent, but it might help you get a more balanced perspective and realise many known cultures had extraordinary knowledge at early times much now forgotten.

Kindest regards

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