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I can easily be dismissive of your post - that would be easy. Seems more your style than mine.

I've likely watched all of the Vlad and newearth vids which are concerned with ancient structures and rock cuts etc. - the whole vid's and some I've watched again in parts or in whole. I doubt that you can say the same. I know as fact that the majority of the photos(of the vid's I've posted anyway) are of man made/manipulated structures out of stone.

The primitive tool comment is mentioned for those on this forum who tell us that these were used? I can't recall reading a post from you where you've provided an opinion/view as to how these huge walls/buildings/Petra's were constructed? Please direct me to a link where you've done so as this will he helpful to see where we agree on things or if we agree on anything. Have you an opinion on the Serapeum and how it was done? I'm all ears... At the moment, we seem to agree that primitive tools didn't create what we see but still doesn't tell me what you view as primitive. Copper/bronze/iron chisels ...primitive? Or, as some have written, cuts were likely done in modern times but on ancient sites etc..

I don't know if I've watched Kos' vid on Baalbek. I will look for it to see if I agree. I like Kos but I don't necessarily agree with all of his opinions. Baby with bathwater...

Niagara? Since you brought it need better glasses then my friend. Maybe a hoax with cgi but sea gulls (except the glowing ones) can't dive into water and then shoot out 15 feet away, with enough momentum that they don't even need to flap their wings, less than a second after entering. There must be a video where you can show I'm wrong.

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