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These cut marks from the 33:11 min think primitive tools did this into hard rock? [] This isn't what one would expect to see using the types of saws that people have told me did this. It used to be all about the copper with sand huh.

Who mentioned primitive tools?

Your dismissive attitude will not win you any friends.
and that is one difference between you and I, I suppose. There aren't very many natural formations in his videos. Occasional I guess but not many.

LOL. You can't be serious.

Why don't you actually watch a video before stopping in puzzlement and hitting the key board to tell us all about YOUR new discovery? Only to repeat a few minutes further along.

For example :

"If you make it past the 3:30'll have his explanation. It makes sense but I'm hoping for others here to provide their thoughts as to whether they agree or not..or to what degree etc.

At the 2:27 mark..."

And it's a video by Charles Kos who has absolutely no understanding of what he's seeing in his "collections." Have you watched his one on Baalbek. That guy is just an embarrassment and you hold him up as someone we should pay attention to.

And the birds at Niagara Falls were UFOs.


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