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and that is one difference between you and I, I suppose. There aren't very many natural formations in his videos. Occasional I guess but not many. The majority of the photos are of locations/structures which have been obviously worked on. You can be critical of his videos but why would you do that given that he's only providing pictures of really cool places that, otherwise, you would never really see? It's all about forming your own opinion after all. We don't have to agree on things but these videos should make all of us think about the same questions. who why how ...

my view is that if one knows what to look for - and I've tried to point out things to look for and consider - ...most of this work is anomalous. Have you read what Tsurgi wrote about moving massive weights? There is a reality for moving large stones (let alone lifting them) which existed then as it does now. Trilithon stones should bother people.

Nature may form round stones...but certainly not often. That's not the point. The point is to introduce oneself to new things which may or may not broaden ones personal knowledge base. Rightly or wrongly dismiss info but at least you've had a chance to consider same. I dismiss the hammer and chisel theory based on the elephant carver - rightly or wrongly but of course I think I'm right. ;)

edited to add

These cut marks from the 33:11 min think primitive tools did this into hard rock? []

This isn't what one would expect to see using the types of saws that people have told me did this. It used to be all about the copper with sand huh.

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