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Audrey Wrote:
> At the beginning of the vid, the camera quickly
> pans from the sea to this
> She says "near a beach in Crimera". Exact location
> not given. They then go on to the quarries at
> Inkerman to compare the modern to what is inside
> the "hole in the ground". The hole in the ground
> looks to be at a different location.

Right. A question to ask is given the massive limestone mountain to easily quarry rock from, what would be the point of anyone in any era quarrying blocks from a cave on apparently the side of a hill? Regardless, this does not strike me as a "quarry", but rather as you say a "shelter", namely a bunker, that seems more than likely was made either during the Crimean war or early WWII which regardless is wholly consistent with modern quarrying in the area.

Not necessarily related, but this would be of interest to some: CAVE-TOWN ESKI-KERMEN

A few more 19th century quarry photos:

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